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B r a n d t s   I n d o o r


Founded by Sara Schmidt, who is behind the unique collection of old kilim rugs, original knotted rugs and hand-woven pillows.

The company started as an interior business in Brandts Garment Factory, and grew to become an internationally known niche company within Scandinavian style merged with ethnic authenticity.

Sara Schmidt selects the ever-changing collection, and collaborates with artisans and sewers in Turkey, maintaining craftsmanship and quality.

Vintage Kilims


K  u  s  i  n  e  r    C  a  r  p  e  t  s




The wool of KUSINER carpets comes from the Middle East sheep Awassi. Herded by Bedouin or Palestinian farmes. The wool is thick, strong and robust. and ideal for carpets. Resistible and sustainable.

Wool is naturally stain-resistant thanks to natural oils that prevent dirt from adhering to the yarn. Because wool is a durable fiber that springs back, it’s a practical choice for high-traffic areas. The upkeep is minimal.

Handmade and limited-edition-rugs.